Living spirituality and all-embracing mysticism

Zen Master Zensho teaches us a Zen Way through which we experience both spiritual awareness together with active daily life as a single reality.


Close to everyday life, simple and direct, Zensho shows us how we can recognise our conditioning and transform it into the lucid self-awareness of the Mind.

Like the Chinese Chan masters of old, Zensho teaches a form of Zen that is bound neither to an extraneous form nor to a theoretical system.

In his inspiring way he talks about Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, Tantra, Zen, and Christian mysticism.

Painting: Maria

He exposes the essence of these spiritual teachings by revealing the mystical experience as their common root.

Through this all-embracing Zen Way we are able to find peace and true freedom within ourselves in everyday life.

Zen Painting: Sengai