Book: The Freedom of Zen

The Zen book that shatters all limits and bounds

This inspiriting book is a total rebellion against the intellect. It smashes our well-worn views and all of our fond illusions. Zen Master Zensho shows how we can free ourselves of the slavery of autonomous compulsive thinking and how we can experience the enlightened state of pure consciousness.

Uncompromisingly, everything is swept away so we become able to reach that boundless freedom of the Mind which lies beyond everything that sense and reason can comprehend.

Zensho's humorous geniality and his free unconventional way of conveyance bestow a tremendous vitality on his talks. His clear words are a vivid and direct revelation of the great simplicity and freedom of Zen.

An exceptional book by an exceptional Zen Master.


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Book: The Freedom of Zen

216 Pages
ISBN 978-3839168936