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Zen-Sesshin with Zensho

Zen-Sesshin with Zensho

Once a month the Tao Chan Zen Center in Wiesbaden organises an open Zen day under the direction of Zen Master Zensho.

A Zen-Sesshin with Zensho is a time of intensive Zen practice and encounter with an awakened western Zen Master.

In the peace and tranquility of the Zen meditation we gain an insight into the deep, fundamental nature of our individual mind. We transfer this awareness of the mind during kinhin (walking meditation) into movement and thereby practice the integration of Zen into everyday life.


What makes a Zen day with Zensho so special is that we experience that sympathetic love and spiritual force which are only discernible in the presence of an accomplished master.

The sesshin can become an inspiring spiritual experience for everyone, irrespective of previous experience and religious affiliation.


  26. April 2014
  17. May 2014
  31. May 2014
  14. June 2014
  29. June 2014
  12. July 2014
  26. July 2014
  9. August 2014
Program for the Zen Sesshin

The sesshin takes place unter the personal direction of Zen Master Zensho.

The Zen sesshin begins with an introduction for all new-comers by a Zen teacher from the center.
On each of the two days there are four meditation periods in sitting (zazen) of 25 minutes duration, followed by kinhin (walking meditation) for 15 minutes.
There then follows a dharma lecture by Zensho, which lasts approximately one hour.
During the break of around one hour there is the opportunity for a personal meeting.
Each day of the sesshin is rounded up with a short zazen period and closing words from Zensho.


Willy-Brandt-Allee 18,
65197 Wiesbaden

Beginning / Duration
Sa 16.00 - 22.30 h

Please bring along the following:
Comfortable, dark clothing, provisions,
and when available a meditation cushion
and a dark blanket

Cost of the sesshin
EUR 90,-
EUR 60,- reduced

Information and registration online registration
Phone + 49 611- 940 62 31
Fax + 49 611- 940 62 32


Online registration
Salutation Ms. Mr.


First name
Post Code
Payment in cash on arrival
Credit transfer in advance of the amount to the following account:



Tao Chan Zentrum e.V.
Nassauische Sparkasse
BLZ 51050015, Kto.-Nr.137039206 
BIC NASSDE55, IBAN DE24 5105 0015 0137 0392 06 
Non-attendance will result in the sum being reimbursed,
minus an administrative charge of 8 EUR.